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I love you. 💕 I support you. 💪🏾. I stand with you. ✊🏾I applaud you.👏🏾 How diverse is your circle of friends? Your community? Your religion? Your club? And I don’t just mean racially diverse, but you can start there and move out to other identities. I’ve been in places where I’m the only POC/Black person I see all day, week even. Sometimes I’m the only POC on a friend’s friend list. How would you feel about that? My circle is diverse. I purposely make it so. I remember when my oldest son was really young and I was still arranging play dates, I would intentionally befriend mothers of different races, who spoke different languages, who were from different countries, different religions, different sexual orientations. I have dual citizenship in the US and Ireland, as do the boys. We intentionally work hard to expand ourselves and remain open-minded and accepting of others. I want you to know me. I want to sit at your table and you to sit at mine. We can laugh, debate, agree, agree to disagree, but at least know one another, call each other friend, not fear each other or people who are like one another. So, if you can get down with that, call me friend.


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