The last shot I got of these beautiful Bison in Northern British Columbia. It’s amazing watching these animals up close. To witness the wilderness they harness is indescribable. I was upset that it wasn’t a perfectly clear day to get a shot but I think the storm adds to the drama of their existence and validates their place in nature 🙏🏼 • • • #tourcanada #natgeo #canoncanada #canon_photos #travelling #trip #animals #natureaddict #naturephotography #traveldeeper #nature #natgeowildlife #photographer #wanderer #natgeoyourshot #instatravel #buffalo #hiking #beautifulbritishcolumbia #travelstroke #earthcapture #canada #travels #travelphotography #yourshotphotographer #photography #cravethewild


Inner City Kingston Beautification! Come See Our Jamaica 🇯🇲 Kingston Creative along with local artists and foreign embassies are working together to beautify the inner city. Bless up 🙏🏾 Join us Monday to Saturday on our Authentic Inner City Walking Tour. DM, WhatsApp orAir BnB experiences. . . . . #jamaica #localartists #kingstonjamaica #traveldeeper #innercity #publicart #mural #murals #airbnb #airbnbexperience #purejamaica #visitjamaica #travelwithme #placestovisit


What a beautiful city 😍. Not sure what I was expecting but Copenhagen has exceeded my expectations and has quickly become one of my favorite cities that I’ve visited thus far. #copenhagen🇩🇰


Arrived to our favorite hippy Essaouira for a much needed coastal escape ✌🏽☀️💓


No matter if you buy something or not, you leave Venezia different.


LONELINESS. An emotional response to feeling isolated or without companionship. It is important to note the difference between being alone and being lonely, which is entirely a matter of perception. We could be alone in our home and feel perfectly content, whilst conversely, feel completely alone in the middle of a large group or party. . . Loneliness may affect any of us at one time or another in our lives, though some people are more vulnerable to experiencing feelings of isolation than others. This includes teens and adolescents as they struggle with identity and finding their fit in the world, in addition to older adults and those who are set apart by chronic diseases. , . We are naturally social animals and the positive effect of loneliness is that it creates within us a drive to join in and feel included. In this digital age of electronic communication, which busier lifestyles and smaller social circles, combatting loneliness can, however, be a challenge. . . Not as trivial a condition as one might first think, prolonged loneliness has been linked with physical and psychological consequences including raised blood pressure, a weakened immune system, susceptibility to illness, depression, mental decline and potentially, even early death. . . Feeling very low, withdrawing socially and lacking motivation to interact with others may be a sign of potentially treatable underlying physical or mental health difficulties and I would encourage you to see your doctor if you are feeling as though things are getting out of hand. . . . For those struggling with loneliness, it is not as easy as just simply ‘snapping out of it’, but getting out and about, accepting social invitations, joining support or interest groups, volunteering, reaching out and realising that others are in exactly the same situation, can all help to reduce feelings of isolation and improve connection and integration. . . It seems that the first step towards beating loneliness, is to appreciate that we really are never truly alone. . . . #thenourishedmedic #nourishflourishglow . .


Video shot in Angel Falls, the tallest free-falling waterfall 🤯 !! Would you sky dive this spot 💨 ?? - Tag one of your friends who you would take here 👇👇 Follow ♥️ @exotictravelin for the best exotic places on earth - 🐠 | Follow @exotictravelin ✈️ | Follow @exotictravelin 🦈 | Follow @exotictravelin - Credits 📷 | @world_inside - - - #travel #travelphoto #travelling #traveltheworld #travelers #travelawesome #traveladdict #traveldeeper #traveler #travelingram


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